The Hampton Inn & Suites Providence/Smithfield sounds like an excellent accommodation choice in Smithfield, Rhode Island. As a part of the Hampton Inn brand, it is likely known for its consistent quality and comfortable accommodations. more here

The availability of modern rooms ensures that guests can enjoy a contemporary and well-appointed living space during their stay. Modern amenities can contribute to a more convenient and enjoyable experience for guests.

An indoor pool is a fantastic feature, especially for guests who enjoy swimming or want to relax and unwind after a busy day of activities or work. The pool provides an excellent option for both leisure and fitness purposes.

The presence of a fitness center is a valuable amenity for health-conscious guests, allowing them to stay active and maintain their exercise routines during their stay.

The hotel’s location in Smithfield might offer convenient access to local attractions, restaurants, and business centers, making it a practical choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Overall, the Hampton Inn & Suites Providence/Smithfield seems to be a modern and well-equipped hotel option in Smithfield, providing guests with comfort, convenience, and the amenities needed for a pleasant and enjoyable stay. view more