Cumberland, Rhode Island, is a vibrant community that frequently hosts a variety of local events and festivals throughout the year. These gatherings offer residents and visitors a chance to come together, celebrate, and enjoy the town’s culture and traditions. more here

Some of the popular events and festivals to keep an eye out for in Cumberland may include:

1. Cumberlandfest: Cumberlandfest is a well-known annual event that typically takes place in the summer. It’s a multi-day festival featuring live music performances, food vendors, carnival rides, games, and various entertainment options. The festival draws people from the local area and beyond, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

2. Food Festivals: Cumberland often hosts food festivals that showcase the diverse culinary offerings in the area. These events may focus on specific types of cuisine, such as seafood, Italian food, or other regional specialties. Food enthusiasts can indulge in delicious treats and experience the town’s culinary delights.

3. Community Gatherings: Throughout the year, Cumberland organizes community gatherings that bring neighbors together for various purposes. These events might include holiday celebrations, outdoor movie nights, farmers’ markets, and other community-focused activities.

4. Craft Fairs and Art Festivals: Artisans and crafters from the local community often showcase their talents at craft fairs and art festivals in Cumberland. These events provide an excellent opportunity to find unique handmade items and support local artists.

5. Holiday Events: Cumberland embraces holiday spirit with various events during festive seasons. These events can include parades, tree lighting ceremonies, and special activities that cater to families and individuals of all ages.

6. Cultural Festivals: Cumberland celebrates its diverse cultural heritage with festivals that highlight different cultures and traditions. These events may include music, dance performances, traditional food tastings, and cultural exhibits.

To stay updated on the latest events and festivals happening in Cumberland, keep an eye on the town’s official website, local newspapers, community bulletin boards, and social media pages. Additionally, the Cumberland Public Library and other community centers may provide information about upcoming events in the area. Attending these local events and festivals is a great way to connect with the community, experience the town’s unique charm, and make lasting memories. view more